Mitsubishi Fuso Canter FE180 Trucks

With this agile heavyweight you’ll enjoy benefits from increased fuel savings and enhanced efficiencies to higher payload capacity and improved driver productivity. The FE180 truck is in a class by itself, with the largest payload in the FUSO lineup, handling heavy-duty hauling and intra-city transport with ease.

Mitsubishi 180 truck

Fuso Canter FE180

With a GVWR of 17,995 lbs. the FE180 delivers plenty of muscle without sacrificing agility and maneuverability. You’ll enjoy the long haul in FUSO’s most comfortable cab ever – fully equipped with an ergonomically designed interior, adjustable steering wheel and spacious seating and stowage. Available in a diesel or gas-powered model the FE180 is a heavy mover with the carrying power you need without having to sacrifice agility and maneuverability.

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