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Mini Cranes

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From replacing heat exchangers, erecting steel, lifting construction materials in tight spaces and installing curtain walls on a skyscraper to setting plants in shopping malls or hanging art in office buildings, mini cranes are one of the most versatile cranes available.  New to the U.S. market, mini cranes have been widely used in Europe and Asia for applications when there is a need for lifting in tight areas and a conventional crane is not an option.  Rush Crane Systems is at the forefront of bringing these versatile cranes to the U.S. market.   We offer several models for rent, purchase and rent-to-purchase.   We can also configure a mini crane to your exact specifications.  No matter what your lifting requirements are, Rush Crane Systems has a solution for your job.

Jekko mini cranes.

Rush Crane Systems offers a full line of Jekko mini cranes and accessories. With lift capacities ranging from 4,400 to over 16,000 pounds and boom lengths ranging from 13 to 58 feet, Jekko mini cranes can be used in a wide array of lifting applications.  In addition, Jekko mini cranes can be configured with remote controls and require only minimal training or crane experience.  If your job requires setting windows, the Jekko Vacuum Tech accessory has the ability to suction a pane of glass and set it in just the right place.  Search our full line of Jekko mini cranes and contact a Rush Crane Systems specialist to customize a solution to meet your lifting needs.

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